Company Background
MJL Industrial Engineering Services is an organization engaged in general and specialized engineering services that includes piping / mechanical, electrical and instrumentation, civil / structural and other special engineering works, i.e. construction and maintenance, electrical and instrumentation process control, cathodic protection system, project development, etc. The team can also be assigned on project construction management, commissioning / start-up and operation and maintenance.

The company is established with strong foundation through the composition of highly technical experienced and specialized personnel from petroleum refinery; oil and gas; petrochemical, power plant and into other industry.

As a young company, all its members has the capacity to form professional, remarkably proficient and responsibleBusiness Development organizations that will be the frontlines in serving large to small market nationwide.

We are positive that MJL Industrial Engineering Services management team’s extensive experience and knowledge in the field of projects and engineering and commitment to achieve excellence will form an immeasurable performance.

We will accessitate everybody’s support in facing challenges and adjusting to continuous development along the way. We are very confident that as a family, our strogn camaraderie and brotherhood will shine us to a winning spirit.